BIEMH 2022, the leading international fair for machine tools

  • BIEMH 2022

    June 13 – 17
    Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC)


    BIEMH 2022 is the leading international fair for machine tools and advanced manufacturing in Spain. It is the most anticipated meeting of the industrial sector, in which we will see the latest advances in technology, industrial solutions, robotics and innovation.

    It will have more than 42,000 participants from all over the world to create commercial contacts, synergies and business opportunities. It is the opportunity to generate relevant contacts and make the industrial sector grow.

    From Innovalia Metrology we want to invite you and make you part of our network of contacts. At the fair we will show you demonstrations of our metrological solutions, the advantages of implementing metrology in production processes and improvements to carry out zero-defect production.

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