A great beginning for Innovalia Metrology

It looks like 2017 will be a year of progress and development for Innovalia Metrology. The arrival in India and the consolidation of an official distributor in the country will enable the company to introduce metrology solutions for quality management.

Innovalia Metrology, with this new addition to its international network, opens the door to the future of metrology and invites us to step into the future on Metrology 4.0 . With a complete demonstration of M3 Hybrid at IMTEX, Innovalia Metrology showed how the company has simplified the process of reading and measuring parts, M3 Hybrid combines two methods of point acquisition: 3D contactless scanner with Optiscan and touch-screen system.

After years of having to choose between one technique or another, Innovalia Metrology provides a solution that allows both sensors to be used in the same workflow and with the same accuracy. M3 Hybrid has already reduced the cycle time in a 30%.

The continuous visits to the Innovalia Metrology booth confirm the increasing need of manufacturers to optimize costs and production times and it clearly sets a great future for Innovalia Metrology in India; Engine of innovation and development in search of real solutions like M3 Hybrid, that offers more benefits at a lower cost.