M3 Hybrid: Discover the complete Metrology solution that leads to intelligent manufacturing at the IMTS 2018

Innovalia Metrology will attend to the IMTS 2018 and will be receiving visits at the 135742 stand. During the show, Innovalia Metrology will present two software solutions, M3 Hybrid and M3MH.
M3 Hybrid, Innovalia Metrology’s star product combines software and hardware to offer a complete measuring solution both in production lines and laboratories. It will
M3 Hybrid, has successfully simplified the point acquisition and measuring processes combining its recognized optical sensor, Optiscan with M3 Software. Opti-scan allows us to obtain the most accurate information about the part without touching it, to then analyze it with M3 Software, a software created to acquire and process data in a unique way thanks to its perfect adaptation to Opti-scan. Opti-scan allows us to make digital copies of our parts so we can measure them as many times as we want, wherever and whenever, leading us to talk about digital metrology.
The optical sensor of Innovalia Metrology, Opti-scan, the greatest sensor for plastic parts, offers us great improvements in accuracy and optimizing the measuring time, which translates into a clear improvement in the cycle time. M3 Software, the multisensor dimensional metrological software, has been designed to work both in plant and in laboratory and thanks to its ability to work and manage point clouds of more than 100 million points, M3 Software allows us to make measurements in a quick and accurate way. M3 Software offers all the necessary metrological capabilities for an exhaustive quality control thanks to its innovative and functional technology designed for a more demanding market that looks for a design-friendly workspace that is intuitive and easy to handle. The M3 Hybrid integration in the production processes leads to intelligent manufacturing, zero manufacturing defects and allows control at all times the performance and reliability of our production processes. M3 Hybrid is not only the result of years of experience and innovation, it is the opportunity to simplify the measurement processes (NIST Certified). The results we get by incorporating M3 Hybrid (an Optiscan and M3 Software) to a CMM is already turning heads. The great integration between M3 Software and Optiscan is already reducing the production times in a 30%.
Innovalia Metrology will also do an official presentation of their newest software solution, M3MH, the new measurement software for machine tool. Having advanced measurement capabilities in the machine tool itself and being able to manage them easily is the dream of any mechanizer, as it directly contributes to the reduction of the number of defects.
Knowing this fact, companies in the sector have been developing different solutions for many years, most of them based on G-codes to maintain the sector’s language, which, apart from subtracting functionality, makes the solution much more expensive. M3MH is a measurement software that allows to verify, to set up and to measure in a very easy way. Innovalia Metrology, with M3MH stablish a direct communication with the machine tool control from the measurement software itself.
M3MH is breaking the current paradigm of charging functions and offers a complete measurement software that allows the user to control the machine tool from a computer. From M3MH, the software with an intuitive graphical interface, the user can perform all the functions of a complete measurement software.
From our Charlotte NC facilities and with referral deployments on both coasts, Innovalia Metrology guides its customers on the road to intelligent metrology with two very attractive proposals.

Come and join us at the 135742 stand!