Industrial Digitalization, Innovalia Metrology

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We reinforce our commitment to digitization

For several decades, at Innovalia Metrology, we have been working to promote the digitization of Industry 4.0 by providing intelligent dimensional quality control solutions aimed at the manufacturing sector. To do this, we use increasingly automated and intelligent tools.

The latest evolutions of our M3 software platform allow the management, control and evaluation of the quality of parts from any capture device. In addition, the latest data analytics and visualization techniques provide very valuable information that allows to know in detail the production process and the quality of the manufactured part.

«We have been working for years on the incorporation of offline tools to favor the realization of quality control in a detached way from the machines and thus contribute to reducing quality bottlenecks, with simulation tools, systems for fast and optimal exchange of results and reports ».

Currently, we are also experimenting with the design of the first measurement equipment compatible with 5G technology and evolving our user support tools, converging towards a remote metrology concept that allows us to provide high quality metrological support from our own laboratories.

The strategic model of the Innovalia Group is not only an intelligent business model, it is an intrinsic way of acting and doing, that is why innovation is our personal brand.