Innovalia Group: Value, precision and excellence, the keys to success behind products and services for digital transformation.

The Innovalia Group is a strategic alliance of technology companies born in 2000. Innovalia consolidates commercial and development activities of 8 companies with more than 30 years of experience grouped into two business units: Innovalia Digital and Innovalia Metrology, the two business pillars that allows to grow and give an integral and simple response to the complex demands of the industrial, digital and public administrations market; In addition to promoting synergies between the different companies in the group while maintaining their autonomy.

The offer of technological products and services are oriented to generate with precision and consistency the differential value that our customers demand in their products and processes for the sustainable growth of their business. Collaboration and excellence are the axes of our offer for an absolutely customized business transformation to processes and products with the support of our knowledge and our advanced technologies and solutions.

Innovalia Metrology, formed by Unimetrik, Trimek, and Datapixel, with a presence in more than 15 countries and continues to increase the functionality of its M3 dimensional quality control platform. Innovalia Metrology responds to the quality control needs of sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, transport or renewable energy among others. Through its innovative vision of Metrology 4.0, Innovalia Metrology offers a universal multi-system platform that allows quality management, control, and evaluation in traditional CMMs. Also, in its applications for machine tools or in the production line with a portable 3D arm or with measuring models. It also has tools for verification, calibration and statistical analysis for the evaluation and optimization of the process. All this from an integrated offer, which thanks to its different products, can optimize the measurement and production processes, thus representing the complete integration of M3 into a single workflow from the design of the measurement processes to its automation and generation of reports and production analysis.

Innovalia Digital that was born less than 2 years ago has been able to capitalize on the synergies, know-how and digital technology of the group to offer an integral response to the needs of digital transformation in terms of strategy, maturity evaluation, development technological and process, validation and certification; not only from Euskadi companies but in a global way.

Innovalia Digital, composed of CARSA, Asociación Innovalia, SQS, CBT, and RedBorder, is positioned as the new commitment of the Innovalia Group to grow in the future and wants to maximize its potential and lend a hand to companies to embark on their path to transformation digital. The products and services of consulting, training, cybersecurity, and digital validation ensure that our clients develop the transformation of their intelligent products and digital processes on the most solid bases of quality assurance and safety. In this way, we facilitate sustainable business growth, with digital retraining of workers’ guarantees, and with complete peace of mind in the results of the transformation. In a way, as Jesús de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group explains: “We are a complex group that grows based on an engine such as technological innovation. We have created Innovalia Digital because we observe that digital transformation is the engine for leadership within the framework of the Industry 4.0 initiative, the star that defines the transformation of European manufacturing and industry”. And it is that for years the Innovalia Group has observed an increase in the demand for the individual technologies of the Group’s companies and needed a response that brings together the capabilities to offer integral solutions to customers. With Innovalia Digital, the Basque Group now offers complex personalized services to meet complex needs such as the introduction and development of processes and products based on big data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT or cybersecurity to ensure the digital excellence of operations or an Efficient industrial manufacturing zero defects.

The industry must accelerate its transformation to ensure its competitiveness. Collaboration and innovation towards a digital, interconnected and autonomous future remain and will be the keys in the generation of differential value. As Grupo Innovalia, we aspire that our products and services play a key role in our clients in their path towards the digital excellence of their businesses.