Innovalia launches the Digital Innovation Hub, a digitalization reference center in the European Union

The general assembly of BeinCPPS, a project of the European Commission, took place in the AIC a few months ago. BeinCPPS is one of the most important projects under the ICT innovation support program in advanced manufacturing systems for SMEs (I4MS) of Horizon 2020.
This initiative, had an investment of more than 110M € in its two first phases and it aims to demonstrate through manufacturing processes pilots, the ability that IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data have to improve the competitiveness of products and manufacturing processes in SMEs in different sectors.
BeinCPPS takes place in the five leading European regions in advanced manufacturing systems (Euskadi, Lombardy in Italy, Baden Wuertemberg in Germany, Northern Portugal and Rhone Alpes in France) where the project is implementing digital support structures known as Digital Innovation Hubs.
With the openning of the Innovalia unit in the AIC as part of the project, it has been set a specific competence center in advanced quality control services with the Trimek high-tech systems that will ensure that SMEs can position themselves strategically in the zero defects manufacturing scope.
The integration of new companies into the project and the incorporation of development points in Europe allows responding with top-level resources to the digital technologies training needs for the Industry 4.0. It will also make possible to develop new digital business strategies and access to state-of-the-art digital platforms and platforms for the development of the new advanced manufacturing processes.

The technology held in the Innovalia unit will allow companies to access to an innovative concept of quality control and it is already attracting attention of many other projects and initiatives. It will also position the Basque company as an engine of innovation towards advanced manufacturing.