Innovalia Metrology launches a free webinar program to train its partners and clients and share new functionalities of M3, its dimensional measurement software

Innovalia Metrology, the metrological unit of the Innovalia Group has partners in more than 14 countries and will launch a free webinar program that will begin on March 31st, with the aim of continuing to train its partners and clients in new measurement techniques and technology.

The Basque company will provide its partners and clients with intensive training on the new metrological functionalities of its M3 Dimensional Metrology Software. The training will include 1-hour webinars and the first three are already planned, which will take place on March 31st, April 7th and April 14th.

M3 is the software that enables the industry to meet the specific requirements of any manufacturer in any production or measurement process. M3 includes a complete set of tools with great power and capture and analysis capacity. M3 also helps manufacturers develop metrology capabilities at multiple stages of the production process from design through production and also in the commissioning phases. This multi-stage interaction improves the availability of information and enables decision-making based on objective data that can improve production.

M3 uses a standardized measurement and programming interface to create inspection programs for any measurement device. The inspection routine tells the inspection program how to inspect a part and then how to analyze the generated data. This means that no matter if the measurement is done on a machine tool, CMM, measuring arm, hand scanner, CT scan device or other devices, users can easily create and understand the reports and take corrective actions.

Thanks to the Innovalia Metrology Webinars program, professionals in the sector will be able to train in model system applications, alignment and geometric tolerances and their applications, as well as new metrological capabilities that will facilitate their day-to-day life, allowing the measurement to be developped in a more optimal and simple way.

This way, Innovalia Metrology contributes to the partners and customers training and continues to respond to the demands of the field: intelligent and flawless manufacturing and increasingly autonomous quality management systems.