Innovalia Metrology makes a leap to the hybrid measurement in DMS expo

The First Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) will be the place where we will demonstrate our new cutting edge metrology technology. This fair will be held 19, 20 and 21 April in Nagoya (Japan), one of the central areas of the Japanese automotive industry. Innovalia Metrology team  will be placed in the B 13- 66 stand , located in Exhibition Hall 1 of the fairground.

Our high tech machinery is based on a new hybrid measurement system that combines the classical technique of touch probe measurements and an Optiscan optical sensor. The unique hybrid design allows the integration into any system for both laboratory and in-line manufacturing with high precision and speed. We are able to reach difficult to access points through our touch sensor system and using the optical sensor we are able to rapidly scan the rest of the piece.

In addition to these intelligent metrology tools, Innovalia Metrology has also led the development of the M3 portable platform, a high-performance portable CMM for the dimensional control of high precision parts in different industrial environments, which can adapt to any working environment and to any situation.

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