Innovalia Metrology, present and future of the European Quality Control


Innovalia Metrology has been the main focus of interest this November. Present in Metal Madrid (November 16th and 17th) and in Formnext (November 15th and 16th) The Innovalia Group has received many interesting visits and has definitely caught everyone’s attention.
By exposing some of the Innovalia Metrology’s innovations, the company has given a new meaning to the concept of accuracy and has made the principal challenges that 4.0 Industry carries within tremble.
The Innovalia Group, with a complete demonstration of its Hybrid measurement system in Metal Madrid has shown to the attendants a new and unique way of scanning and measuring 3D pieces in a more efficient and accurate manner. The already well known M3 Hybrid allows us to obtain more dense and accurate points clouds by allowing for the interchanging of the Optiscan, a 3D optical sensor and a contact probe sensor, which results in a clear improvement in quality, reduction in time and in costs. This improvement reaches its full potential by using the M3 Software; a Metrologic dimensional multisensor Software that has a key role in the company.
The M3 Software, recognized by the PTB and the NIST, has become the most intuitive metrological software, improving on both the standards of accuracy and quality when it comes to carrying out measurements and reverse engineering.
Thanks to FABulous, Innovalia Metrology presented M3 Workspace at Formnext. A new addition to the M3 product family that turns the offer of Innovalia Metrology into the most complete and adapted option to each client. M3Workspace is the answer to the need of managing and controlling the quality of additive manufactured parts and it is already contributing to the improvement of quality standards in the sector.
The tool combination that the Basque company offers has helped multiple companies to step into the future. In MetalMadrid and in Formnext Innovalia Metrology has proven that there is an obvious necessity to improve the manufacturing processes, suppress costs, increasing efficiency and improving quality standards.
This necessity has led Innovalia Metrology to develop the most complete offer in the market and to receive many propositions and interesting visits during these exhibitions, strengthening the role of the group as the driver of innovation and quality in Europe.