Innovalia Metrology: presents digital metrology solutions (Hall 6 stand E02) to make the leap to automation

Innovalia Metrology presents its metrology solutions for the first time in the EMO. M3 Hybrid is the result of years of experience and innovation and is also the opportunity to simplify the measurement process thanks to M3 Software, a software created to acquire and process data in a unique way and thanks to its perfect adaptation to Optiscan we It allows us to make digital copies of our pieces to be able to measure them repeatedly in any place or time leading us to talk about digital metrology and approaching the concept of manufacturing zero defects.
When we talk about industry 4.0, manufacturers expect part of the dimensional control of their parts, to be carried out in the machining machines themselves. Having advanced measurement capabilities included in the machine tool itself and that these are easily manageable is the dream of any mechaniser, since it directly contributes to the reduction of the number of parts manufactured incorrectly. M3MH is a measurement software that allows you to verify, perform the set and measure optimally and easily. With M3MH, Innovalia Metrology allows to establish direct communication with the controls of the machine tool from the measurement software itself. M3MH breaks in this way with the current paradigm of packaging and charging functions and offers a complete measurement software that allows the user to direct the machine tool from your computer, from a software with an intuitive graphic interface that allows to perform all the functions. In addition to verifying the machine and making the set up, M3MH offers complete measurement capabilities focused on the needs of machine tools and allows us to perform off-line programming of the measurement, connect with the control of the machine tool and communicate the specific commands to perform the scheduled measurement.

Innovalia Metrology, thanks to M3 Hybrid and M3MH, offers Metrology solutions that allow the industry to take the leap towards digitalization, automation and virtualization, always controlling processes, improvements and always betting on a complete optimization of the production process. Come and discover our Intelligent Metrology solutions in Hall 6 stand E02!