Innovalia Metrology presents M3MH in 4 different cities thanks to the Tecnocim workshops

These 4 consecutive workshops have been carried out with the goal of meeting new technology that will allow companies to optimize their process and discover new solutions that will meet their needs.
Each workshops has had three presentations, one on the Mastercam 2020 new features, and two other on RPS and M3MH. In addition, the attendees of the conference have been able to see how M3MH optimizes the process, using metrological capabilities within a machine tool.
On November 19th at the CFAA of Zamudio in Bizkaia, on November 20th at the MSI in Madrid, on November 21st at the CFP in Manresa and on November 22th at the FREMM in Murcia, Innovalia Metrology presented its M3MH solution through live demos.
Having advanced measurement capabilities in a machine tool and being these easy to manage might be the dream of any mechanizer, since it directly contributes to the reduction of the number of incorrectly manufactured parts. Knowing this need, many companies have been developing different solutions, most of them based on G codes to maintain the own language of the cns, which apart from subtracting functionality, these solutions turn out very expensive.
M3MH is a measurement software that allows you to verify, perform the set and measure optimally and easily. With M3MH, Innovalia Metrology allows direct communication with the machine tool controls from the measurement software itself.