Innovalia metrology will present all of its products in a metrology 4.0 display organized by the Motor & Sport Institute (MSI).

On Friday, June 28, Motor & Sport Institute (MSI) and Innovalia Metrology, a leading provider of metrological solutions, announce their first 4.0 Metrology workshop at Technology Park, which brings together not only university education and top manufacturing technologies of racing cars but physical preparation of sportsmen as well in its more than 15,000 square meters, where Innovalia Metrology has installed its revolutionary Duplex System measuring machine for the measurement of large pieces equipped with the latest version of its M3 software, as well as another series of dimensional control solutions that allow to fully address the entire quality cycle in racing cars.

The Basque company invites industry professionals to this day that will be focused on sharing and addressing the metrological challenges of the automotive sector. In light of the fact that MSI already has in its possession the best industrial measurement technology provided by M3 metrology solutions, the Centre could facilitate its teaching activity leading edge, as well as involve the technology to the real applications for the control of its parts. Attendees can verify through a real-time demo how M3 Hybrid has managed to simplify the process of scanning and measuring parts by combining two methods of capturing geometrical data (by palpation and optical sensor thanks to Optiscan) with M3 Software.

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