NIST certificates M3 software high precision developed by Innovalia Group

After carrying out established measurement tests, the quality of the results of the algorithms has been confirmed by the certifying organism

M3 measurement software developed by Innovalia Group has been subject to a rigorous examination by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), certifying its high accuracy. After conducting established measurement tests, the quality of the results of M3 algorithms has been verified by the institution, demonstrating a high degree of accuracy in the measurement of 3D parts automotive, railroad, aircraft and wind turbines.

m3_picture_lowThe synergies between the different companies of the Innovalia Group have been decisive in overcoming this assessment. The metrological unit of the group, formed by Trimek, Unimetrik and Datapixel, has joined forces with the software development team of CBT, responsible of the measurement algorithms treatment, and SQS, the company which has carried out testing processes for the achievement of international standards of PTB and NIST.

This is not the first time that M3 measurement software undergoes a rigorous examination. In 2013 it was certified as Class I PTB (German National Metrology Institute), establishing itself as a paradigm of dimensional control and management of production information based on the massive digitized manufactured parts.