M3 Analytics: Improve your production analysing the quality data of your parts

M3 Analytics is one of the latest technology developments of Innovalia Metrology that aims at improve the production processes. M3 Analytics analyzes and improves the capabilities of your production by analyzing the measurements of your parts.
M3 Analytics provides a great benefit to the user since it optimizes the production in a very simple and complete way. It contributes significantly to the knowledge and comprehension of the production process through statistics and accurate data about the quality of the parts. This information is presented through personalized reports, and allows the user to anticipate to future production errors.
M3 Analytics is a universal software, the user can synchronize it with data from other measurement Softwares and it is also customizable since the user can set up which data and parameters wants to see and analyze.
M3 Analytics, definitely gathers everything the user might need, it is practical and it presents specific part results allowing the user to control the production quality at a glance.

M3 Analytics offers three different spaces within the same software:
· M3 Dashboard: Allows the user to manage the information according to the parameters that might be interesting
· M3 Statistic: Analyses the process from any device and any place.
· M3 Report: Create your own report template, with the information you need to share with your clients
Don’t hesitate in requesting more information about M3 Analytics through our website.