Metrology 4.0 Solutions at INTEC and TECMA thanks to Innovalia Metrology

Innovalia Metrology continues to cross borders, from the 7th to the 10th of March, Innovalia Metrology will present M3 Hybrid in both TECMA (Mexico) and INTEC (Germany).

Another step for the company that year after year continues to expand its presence around the world offering complete solutions of advanced industrial metrology: MMC, sensors, software and accessories.

Innovalia Metrology will present its Hybrid metrology solution in both cases. M3 Hybrid will show you how it has simplified and optimized the process of reading and measuring parts, M3 Hybrid combines two methods of point acquisition: 3D contactless scanner (Optiscan) and touch probe sensors.

Innovalia Metrology offers Coordinate Measurement Machines, metrological software and accessories created to promote hybrid measurements allowing seamless integration of touch probe and optical sensor measurements. M3 Hybrid is already reducing production times up to a 30%.

Three days of metrological innovation that reaffirms the position of Innovalia Metrology as the international ambassador of Metrology 4.0