Gantry Systems

Gantry systems for measurement and digitizing of large-format parts

The CMM Gantry-type 3D coordinate measuring machines are perfect for measurement and digitizing large-format parts, to a high level of precision.

Innovalia Metrology presents the Gantry CMM range SKY Gage and SKY Plus Gage, which are designed for large-scale metrology applications.

  • Why Sky? The components are cast for greater sturdiness. The main characteristic of the TRIMEK SKY unit is that the X-axis positioning system is controlled by two reading scales (X and S) for better mechanical positioning and real-time correction of the dynamic effects of the X-axis.

  • CMM Gantry System Sky

    CMM Gantry System Sky Gage

  • CMM Gantry System Sky Plus

    CMM Gantry System Sky Plus Gage

  • Why Sky Plus? An extra high-precision gantry-type machine. The structure is made entirely of granite to guarantee precision in the face of temperature changes thus optimizing the general performance of the machine. Optionally, reader rules can be mounted on quartz rules to ensure stable performance in variable temperatures.

  • Applications include

    Available in automatic mode for measurement, digitizing, or scanning, these models are particularly recommended for measuring:

    • Die-stamps and molds applications
    • Mock-ups
    • Large-format parts
    • Aircraft component inspection


  • Features

    • Use of an extensive variety of touch probing and optical scanning solutions.
    • Constructed using the best components to ensure high thermal stability and the highest measurement precision.
    • Separate measuring plate is optional
    • Slides may be fitted to cope with heavy parts
    • The airbag support system on all axes allows smoother and lighter movements.

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