OptiScan for Robot

Extended field of view for in-process inspection.

OptiScan Robot

OptiScan for Robot

  • Elevate your manufacturing capabilities and enhance the excellence of your products. The OptiScan for Robots is a high-precision, versatile and easy-to-use 3D scanning solution designed to meet the most demanding needs of automotive manufacturers for flexible and acurate measurements directly on the production line.

    The OptiScan inspection module is a high-end product that can easily scan the most complex parts in record time, enables rapid production ramp-up and better process control, automation and acceleration of future product development for a process production that continually improves.

• Flexible and absolute measurements directly on the production line
• Improved process control with real-time error detection
• Suitable for digital manufacturing processes and improvement in decision-making and process automation.

Find out how OptiScan for Robots can improve your production process! Contact us to schedule a demo and experience first-hand the benefits of flexible and absolute measurements on the production line.

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