Metromeet 2021 triumphs in its first online edition showing the latest advances in the sector

On March 25, we had the opportunity to be part of the famous International Conference on Industrial Metrology, Metromeet. This event is a benchmark in the metrological sector, since in all its editions it has revealed the advances and challenges that the industrial sector was facing.

In the 17th edition we have discovered the advances that occur in the industry thanks to the application of digital and intelligent metrology. We have also been able to verify the impact that this branch of engineering will have on the future of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, robotics or 5G in the industry.

A revolutionary factor that has allowed us to connect, even more so if possible, both with experts in metrology and with participants from the leading automotive and aeronautical companies, has been the online format. This has resulted in greater participation and exceptional networking to generate synergies in the future.

Some of the collaborating entities have been the Innovalia Group, Volume Graphics, Tekniker, GF Machine, Zeiss, Action Engineering or the University of Vilnius, with speakers and assistants from more than 15 countries.

The day was opened by Jesús de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, who presented the objectives of the meeting and aroused great interest and expectation for the new format and the proposed topics. With the audience in suspense, he gave way to the first speaker, Toni Ventura CEO of Datapixel, who continued with an inspiring talk on the new practices of Digital Metrology in the Smart Industry.

The morning continued with the intervention of Carlos Bello from Aernnova, Alejandro Marqués from AITIIP and Gorka Kortaberria from Tekniker, who presented their INOOTOOL project, an interesting challenge that consists of the development of intelligent tools for the aeronautical sector. They revealed that the key to success in their project has been thanks to metrology.

The Managing Director of Innovalia Metrology, Borja de la Maza, was the next to show the progress we have made in the field of machine tool measurement. He showed the benefits of applying our M3MH software, a program that allows you to measure and verify parts through a direct connection to CNN.

We continue the morning session with Valery Lysenko, researcher and doctor at the VNIIMS Institute, author of more than 150 articles in the field of Metrology. He enlivened the audience with his experience in the use of materials and interference systems to verify and calibrate coordinate measuring machines (CMM) of various measurement ranges.

To finish the morning presentations, Dr. Roberto Pérez, responsible for digital transformation at GF Machining Solutions, stressed the importance of metrology driven by Big Data, ensuring that this is the way to achieve Zero Defect manufacturing.

After the break’s entertainment by the sponsors of the Innovalia Metrology and Volume Graphics, we continued the Conference with the participation of Dr. Herminso Villarraga-Gómez, Manager of X-ray Quality Solutions at ZEISS. Thanks to him, we were able to see several examples of expanding measurement capabilities by applying 3D X-ray microscopes to dimensional metrology. An amazing method that invited us to reflect on the infinity of applications that metrology has and the benefits it brings to the optimization of production in the industry.

Action Engineering CEO and DMSC Board Member, Jennifer Herron introduced QIF 3.0 manufacturing standards as an alternative to ISO in the automated industry. She predicted that the application of this language will bring us greater efficiency in production processes and its use will be widespread in the industry.

Finally, we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Oscar Lázaro, General Director of the Innovalia Association, who insisted on the importance of 5GROWTH: 5G metrology for a 5G industry. This implementation will bring greater effectiveness, optimization and use of resources.

We concluded Metromeet by reflecting on the main needs of the sector and looking to the future of metrology thanks to the experts who have had a place at the conference.

The Innovalia Group has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and technological development by providing advanced solutions for quality control in manufacturing processes.