The Innovalia Group celebrates its 15th summer convention with the Carsarte awards

The Innovalia Group , a strategic alliance of technology companies, will celebrate this Friday, July 14, its 15th edition of its traditional summer convention in the Boat Building (101) located in the Technological Park of Bizkaia in Zamudio.
To open this 15th edition, the convention will start with a contribution from Jesus de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, and after that, the day will follow with the interventions of the rest of the Group’s representatives. The event will also have a very special guest of honor, Juan Tomás Hernani, CEO of Satlantis who will share with the attendees his continuous commitment to innovation and technology.
2017 has been a special year for Innovalia Group, last june we celebrated the 30th anniversary of its first company, CARSA. Also, this year we celebrate Innovalia Metrology, the Group’s metrological unit has expanded its portfolio in a very significant way. This is starting to position Innovalia Metrology not only as a reference in terms of internationalization, but also, as a developer of its own technology. “We are not too big but we have created a great product and know it’s time to go out there and fight against the big ones” said Jesús de la Maza last june.

The commitment to technology, innovation and internationalization are values that the Innovalia Group companies share and that year after year have positioned the Group as a driver towards Intelligent Manufacturing.
All these are clear reasons to celebrate and that’s why, during this convention the Innovalia Group will announce the winners of Carsarte. With the Carsarte awards, the Innovalia group wants to promote the fusion of the most classic art with innovation. The 5 finalist works of art will also be present in the main galleries of the Basque Country.
For its 15th convention, the Innovalia Group has organized a day of interesting speaches that will show and share the latest products and service developments of the Innovalia Group companies.
The main goal of the convention is to share the improvements, innovations and products that the Group’s companies have developed during the last months, to share experiences and successes to project a common future.