Training collaboration with the IMH

Training collaboration with the IMH


We continue to bet on collaboration with training centers to increase the number of professionals in the sector

Innovalia Metrology has always collaborated with different training entities to help improve the training of professionals in the sector. One more example of this collaboration are the courses on Introduction to non-contact laser measurement that our partner IMH will give at its Elgoibar facilities during May and June, using the equipment provided by Innovalia Metrology to the center.

This time, the course is aimed at people who have some technical knowledge and want to expand their knowledge in Metrology. This is a specialty that is currently in high demand and assures factories exhaustive control throughout the production process.

With just 20 hours of training, the course enables you to use M3 Hybrid; the integral solution of Metrology 4.0, thanks to a combination between the M3 software, a CMM machine and a sensor system composed of contact probes and the Optiscan non-contact sensor.

In addition, it will familiarize you with the tools of dimensional metrology and will allow you to acquire all the essential knowledge to make digital copies of any part and measure them repeatedly, analyze the results and generate reports.

At Innovalia Metrology, we have always been committed to generating talent and supporting training initiatives at all levels. And this time we are very proud to be able to share our most advanced measurement solutions with the students of the IMH.

If you are interested and, in the area, register for the course and take this opportunity to advance in the world of digital metrology. If you are interested in the subject, but the place and / or dates do not fit you, contact us and we will try to configure the best option for you.