M3 MH: Complete Measurement Software for Machine Tools

Machine tool measurement software

M3 MH: On-machine probing software

M3MH is the CAD/CAM measurement software for 5-axis machining centers that maximizes the performance of your machine tool by quickly verifying the machine, the optimal setup, and alignment of complex parts. The measurement of the pieces can be carried out before, during and after machining, according to the requirements of the industry and the regulations.

M3MH provides an agile connection with the control of the machine and from its intuitive interface allows you to perform the following functions:


  • Axis check: verification of the rotary axes
  • Machine check: verification of the volume of the machine
  • M3MH Set up: part alignment
  • M3MH Measurement: pre, post, and in-process measurement

With M3MH you will be able to implement a workflow that will help you to reduce the manufacturing time and the cost of the tools, increase the traceability and the quality of both the production process and the manufactured parts and guarantee total control of the entire machining process.


  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • Bidirectional connection to the machine control
  • Offline programming
  • Multi-CAD import and use of multiple formats: IGES, STEP, TXT, and STL
  • Import of nominals and GD&T characteristics in multiple formats: QIF, DMIS / DMO, TXT, CSV …
  • Program simulation
  • Agile activation and deactivation of axes for measurement
  • Measurement in 3, 4, and 5 axes
  • Iterative alignments and multi-coordinate system
  • Measurement of all types of surfaces, geometries, and tolerances
  • Presentation of results in different coordinate systems
  • 3D graphical results and customized reports
  • Available for standard and advanced touch probes and 3D scanners


  • Optimization of the performance of the machine and the machining process
  • Reduction of part alignment time and tooling cost
  • Adaptive manufacturing and elimination of process errors

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