M3 MH: Complete Measurement Software for Machine Tools

Machine tool measurement software


M3MH is the measurement software that maximizes the performance of your 3 and 5-axis machine tool, allowing the quick verification of the machine, and the set up and measurement of parts, according to the requirements of the industry and of the regulations.

M3MH has the proven M3 technology, allowing the measurement of parts in 3 and 5 axis machine tools. It is the first metrology software that is easily connected to the control of the machine, providing it with metrological capabilities.

Innovalia Metrology, with M3MH establishes direct communication with the machine tool control from the measurement software itself. M3MH offers you a solid bet to optimize your manufacturing equipment. M3MH brings leading measurement technology directly to your machine tool in order to minimize defective parts, reduce manufacturing times and manufacturing times, increase traceability, and provide greater reliability and real-time process control.


  • User-friendly and intuitive software
  • CAD programming to optimize the capture and measurement process
  • Offline programming and program simulation
  • Probing perpendicular to the surface and probing in 5 axes
  • Possibility of creating model systems to adapt the results to the machining process
  • Possibility of having different alignments depending on the machining strategy
  • Measurement of all types of geometries, dimensions, tolerances
  • 3D graphic results

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